The 1st annual Rèpubclìquè Los Angeles fashion show!!!

2021 has been an amazing year for The Rèpubclìquè Los Angeles! From its new designs, to its newest signed models all the way down to showcasing it’s 1st fashion show as a headliner; growth is a for sure name for the exciting things that’s been going on.


The showcase took place at the LA Place Events, located on September 22nd, in Cierra’s hometown of Akron, Ohio!  This event was held in the largest room the LA Place had to offer in the “grand ballroom” and was in collaboration with “Ms. Takia Customs”. The place was beautiful with its dark but vibrant lit up floors and the scenery from the ceiling was draped elegantly in white. 

The models showcased in the All White Gala, were all very versatile models, looking very different from one another but yet beautiful & complimented each other phenomenally on the runway!  One things for sure, there’s something for a little bit of everyone when it comes to this emerging line!